ShadowHawk X800 LED Flashlight Review
Military Grade Lighting Technology?

Tactical LED flashlights made with a strategic military-grade construction and aircraft-aluminum materials? Sounds like something straight out of a movie right?

Let's explore the #1 Most Sold Tactical Flashlight, The Shadowhawk X800.

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Finally, A High Performance Tactical Solution That Works!

Everyone has been asking for it. And now it is here, a thoughtful, transformational, tactical flashlight that serves multiple purposes and sexy features.

The superman vision X800 Tactical Shadowhawk flashlight is the first of its kind and is ready to clear the dim flashlight disorder.

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Why Are Tactical Flashlights The Hottest Item In 2016?
1. Because Military-Grade is the new "Gangster" These military-grade inspired tactical LED flashlights have quickly become the hottest selling product in the new year for good reason - they are ultra tough, lightweight and compact and pack a powerful punch of high-profile properties.
2. Because The Tactical LED Technology Just Went "Public" The LED lighting technology behind these high-performance tactical flashlights has just recently been released to the general public for everyday use. When you add up the premium functionality, modes and settings it will not take long to see why the buzz is building towards these blindingly bright benefits.
Here's Why Military-Inspired Tactical Flashlights Have Gone Viral
And The Type of People Experiencing Radical Results...

Firemen & Fishermen
Hikers & Hunters
Campers & Nature Explorers
Military Personnel
Security & Police Officers
Outdoorsmen/Search & Rescue
Survival Specialists
Preparation Experts
Plain-Old Average Citizens

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But Don't Take Our Word For It...
Here's the actual military-grade LED technology specifications that make up a true tactical flashlight:

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All In A Day's Work
5 Settings

Fully equipped High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS functional modes.

100,000 Hours

An impressive, innovative 100,000 hours of normal lamp life included.

3 Batteries

Not only does this only run on 3 Triple AAA batteries, they are rechargeable.

High Performance Tactical Technology
2000X ZOOM

State of the Art adjustable, telescopic focusing beam technology at 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X & 2000X Zoom settings.

800 Lumens

Meet the New 800 Lumen XPE CREE Light Bulb that incased in waterproof casing up to 6 feet deep for 30 minutes.

Be weary of cheap knockoffs that do not contain XPE CREE LEDs!
Why Tactical Flashlights

The X800 Shadowhawk Flashlight is proudly promoted in and shipped from the USA only.

Military-Grade Weapon

Ultra tough, compact and a beveled jagged edge, this is the perfect pocket-sized emergency self-defense weapon to have!

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Built to last, made to enhance, the X800 sports a pure aircraft-grade aluminum encasing for extreme durability.

Buy The Best All-In-One Tactical Flashlight:
3 Reasons Why To Buy A Tactical Flashlight
Pocket-Sized Emergency Self Defense Weapon:
A strobe and SOS setting for disorientation, a beveled, jagged edge that can act as a weapon at close distance, and an anti-roll, slip-resistant body design that is roughly 2 inches by 6 inches in size, this pocket-sized practical weapon will never require a permit or license to obtain one!
Superman Vision & Blindingly Bright Benefits:
The secret is simple; these sexy survivor tactical flashlights offer incredibly bright superman vision no matter the time of day. With multiple modalities, massive mobility, and high-performance abilities, these are truly one of a kind must have fancy flashlights that everyone needs to get their hands on.
They Are The Next Best Thing...
As if reason #1 and reason #2 were not enough, military-inspired Tactical LED Flashlights are seriously the coolest thing alive right now. With affordable pricing and professional-level flexibility and functionality, anyone who considers themselves an outdoors, nature or night-time advocate should strongly consider having a few of these handy no matter what.
ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight Specs:
Incredible Innovation, Intelligence and Insight...
  • High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS Lighting Function Modes...
  • 1X/250X/500X/1000X/2000X Focusing Beam Lighting Technology
  • Ultra Tough, Compact, Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Casing
  • 100,000+ Hours Of 800+ Lumens Using Military-Grade XPE LED Light
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